Electrolux Mobile Kitchen

Electrolux Mobile Kitchen
As you can see here, the Electrolux Mobile Kitchen concept design is inspired by laptops. The futuristic design of this mobile kitchen provides a small workspace for you to do multi-task as you usually do in the kitchen. Its portability is defined by your needs, whether for outdoor camping or home to prepare delicious meals. Electrolux Mobile Kitchen features compact 3-in-1 design.

Electrolux Mobile Kitchen
The base is an induction cooktop covered by board as the second layer that can be used as a cutting board. Electrolux Mobile Kitchen utilizes inductioncooking technology and features 4 induction rings in different sizes. In this way, depending on the type of food you’re cooking and the pan size that you need, you can choose the appropriate induction ring size in order to save more energy. The touchscreen display can be used to find your recipesonline, watch and download free and complete cooking tutorial, cooking is more fun and interactive this way. It is also possible to do video call with your friends while they guide you through the cooking process.
Electrolux, Future Kitchen

Electrolux, Futuristic Kitchen

Electrolux, Fantastic Kitchen

Electrolux Mobile Kitchen

Electrolux Mobile Kitchen

Electrolux, cooking process

Electrolux Mobile Kitchen

Designer: Dragan Trenchevski
Source: TUVIE.com


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