OLED car sun roof concept soaks the sun to illuminate after dark

Have you ever seen OLEDs installed in car roofs? Well, if not, this new concept is worthy of a glace. The OLED car sunroof will change the way your car looks right from the inside and outside. Fitted into the cars expertly, this really cool device will make your life all the more easier. Also the roof will appeal visually to all onlookers.

OLED car sunroof

OLED car sunroof
OLED car sunroof drinks in sun by day, provides light at night.

Taking its design cue from the transparent OLED TV, it is a multi functional sun roof that will cater to your lighting needs at night time. In the morning the sun roof becomes completely transparent, while at night it glows and is opaque. The roof harnesses solar energy in the morning, converting it into electrical energy to be used at night for powering LED’s.

The idea has been conceived in partnership by Philips and chemical company, BASF. The smart innovation has given birth to this OLED sun roof, which has been topped with solar panels. The design of the roof will not hamper the car’s design in anyway. The whole concept is revolutionized, making the car’s roof all the more jazzy from inside.

The roof in the morning would look spangled with silver dots, which are nothing but the OLED modules. The solar energy proves sufficient for powering some streaming light in the car’s interiors. Although one does not usually put on interior lights while driving, the cool looks of these lights are incentives enough for having them in your car.


Eco Architecture: Food City – A self-sufficient metropolis planned for Dubai

Eco Factor: Off-the-grid sustainable complex plan for Dubai.

Where on Earth do you see the craziest architectural dreams coming to life? Yes, it’s Dubai. After shocking the world with the most outrageous land reclamation projects, Dubai is all set for another shocker, The Food City. Designed by GCLA Architects, the Food City is an off-the-grid structure designed to make people live the greenest possible life.

food city dubai 1

Taking modern architecture to its utmost limits, the Food City is designed to feature green walls, aquatic farms, artificial roof landscapes and renewable energy generation at a scale no one has ever tried before. The metropolis will generate all the electricity it needs using concentrated solar collectors, towers draped in photovoltaic modules and piezoelectric pads in all pedestrian areas. Additionally, the complex will extract methane from sewage tanks for days when the sun isn’t shining.


food city dubai 3

food city dubai 3


Potable water has always been a cause of concern in Dubai. To ensure that the residents of the Food City never lack freshwater, the architects have envisioned the used of atmospheric water harvesting systems and the use of solar energy to run desalination systems. Moreover, grey water will also be recycled for non-potable uses.