OLED car sun roof concept soaks the sun to illuminate after dark

Have you ever seen OLEDs installed in car roofs? Well, if not, this new concept is worthy of a glace. The OLED car sunroof will change the way your car looks right from the inside and outside. Fitted into the cars expertly, this really cool device will make your life all the more easier. Also the roof will appeal visually to all onlookers.

OLED car sunroof

OLED car sunroof
OLED car sunroof drinks in sun by day, provides light at night.

Taking its design cue from the transparent OLED TV, it is a multi functional sun roof that will cater to your lighting needs at night time. In the morning the sun roof becomes completely transparent, while at night it glows and is opaque. The roof harnesses solar energy in the morning, converting it into electrical energy to be used at night for powering LED’s.

The idea has been conceived in partnership by Philips and chemical company, BASF. The smart innovation has given birth to this OLED sun roof, which has been topped with solar panels. The design of the roof will not hamper the car’s design in anyway. The whole concept is revolutionized, making the car’s roof all the more jazzy from inside.

The roof in the morning would look spangled with silver dots, which are nothing but the OLED modules. The solar energy proves sufficient for powering some streaming light in the car’s interiors. Although one does not usually put on interior lights while driving, the cool looks of these lights are incentives enough for having them in your car.


Soliloquy Futuristic Luxury Superyacht

Luxury Yacht, Soliloquy, Superyacht, Solar Sailor Holdings, Futuristic Design, Watercraft
Eco-friendly luxury yachting is one of the newest travel trends among the super rich. Taking clean boating to the next level, the super green luxury superyacht called “Soliloquy” designed by Alastair Callender of Coventry University will get its power from wind, solar and Hybrid Marine Power (HMP) technology from Solar Sailor Holdings Ltd. Initially aimed at an owner of an eco-friendly stance, with a sailing or non-sailingbackground, Soliloquy shows the trend toward the eco-friendly yachts of the future. The use of renewable and hybrid-electric energy will bring zero-emission capabilities and result in greater savings in fuel costs. The innovative overhead beam not only adds to the overall aesthetics, but also houses three automated and pivotally mounted, rigid-wing solar sails. The rigid wing rig and architecturally dynamic form will be an inimitable sight to all mariners. The patented technology and automation of Solar Sailor Holdings Ltd’s solarsail pivot, combined with Callender’s highly-efficient design, will enhance the yacht’s propulsion.

Luxury Yacht, Soliloquy, Superyacht, Solar Sailor Holdings, Futuristic Design, Watercraft

Luxury Yacht, Soliloquy, Superyacht, Solar Sailor Holdings, Futuristic Design, Watercraft
CEO of Solar Sailor, Dr Robert Dane said…

When Alastair approached us to sponsor his final year major project, we were immediately impressed by his resume, and the concept itself seemed a perfect matchwith Solar Sailor. As a result, Alastair has developed a radical 58m, rigid-wing superyacht, powered by our solar, wind and hybrid marine power technologies.

Alastair Callender said…

In this ever-increasing environmentally conscious time, I wanted to focus my attention on looking at possible solutions to some of the current problems associated with the superyacht industry. Eco-luxury should no longer be viewed as an oxymoron. ‘Soliloquy – the Super-Green Superyacht’ is a true metaphor to show that this ideal is viable.
Luxury Yacht, Soliloquy, Superyacht, Solar Sailor Holdings, Futuristic Design, Watercraft

Soliloquy is not just eco-friendly, but offers all the luxurious amenities you’d expect from a superyacht. Salient innovations on the Soliloquy super green superyacht include an ever-evolving superstructure that will create a striking visual display to all onlookers. Socializing areas include alfresco living spaces on the main deck. The use of the superstructure has been improved by the photovoltaic surfacing, which is 600 square meters of solar collection area.

Source:  Bornrich.org

2+ Ultimate City Vehicle

Fantastic eco car, Ultimate City Vehicle

2+ Ultimate City Vehicle has been designed for future megacity. This electric vehicleboasts compact size, spacious interior, super flexible and of course stylish body design. The unique innovative inwheel-motors system allows the wheels to turn 90-degrees in order 2+ to move sideaways. Pretty handy feature to parallel park your car isn’t it?

Future City Vehicle
Niels Grubak Iversen and Marcus Hannibal, two Danish automotive designers who live in Denmark, explain that although 2+ Ultimate City Vehicle looks small, the inside interior is pretty spacious. It’s been designed to carry 2 people with luggage or 4 without, thus the name 2+.
futuristic car

electric vehicle

electric vehicle, Modern urban car

green Vehicle

unique vehicle concept

Ultimate City Vehicle

Designer: Niels Grubak Iversen, Marcus Hannibal

Cars of the future:They’re going to be like this…?

General Motors EN-V

This egg-shaped vehicle is General Motors En-V electric car. Don’t rush to your local Chevy dealer yet. It’s not for sale. I did, however, get to ride in one last year.

For now it’s purely experimental but GM thinks it could change the way we drive by combining a number of interesting features.

First, as you’ve probably guessed, seeing as there’s no obvious place to fit an engine, it’s electrically driven.

On a related note, it’s really, really small. It’s so small, in fact, that it drives on two wheels, using four wheels only to park. While moving, it uses balancing technology taken from the Segway to remain upright.

Third, it’s a networked vehicle sharing information with other cars about its location and speed.

Finally, it can drive itself. That means that you don’t need to go to your car, it can come to you, pick you up and take you wherever you want to go.

GM is planning to experiment with some aspects of En-V technology in cars that will be tested in China’s Tianjin Eco-City, which is currently under construction.

The Chinese test-cars may or may not look like giant Easter eggs.