Cars of the future:They’re going to be like this…?

General Motors EN-V

This egg-shaped vehicle is General Motors En-V electric car. Don’t rush to your local Chevy dealer yet. It’s not for sale. I did, however, get to ride in one last year.

For now it’s purely experimental but GM thinks it could change the way we drive by combining a number of interesting features.

First, as you’ve probably guessed, seeing as there’s no obvious place to fit an engine, it’s electrically driven.

On a related note, it’s really, really small. It’s so small, in fact, that it drives on two wheels, using four wheels only to park. While moving, it uses balancing technology taken from the Segway to remain upright.

Third, it’s a networked vehicle sharing information with other cars about its location and speed.

Finally, it can drive itself. That means that you don’t need to go to your car, it can come to you, pick you up and take you wherever you want to go.

GM is planning to experiment with some aspects of En-V technology in cars that will be tested in China’s Tianjin Eco-City, which is currently under construction.

The Chinese test-cars may or may not look like giant Easter eggs.


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